08 January 2021

Maps (and More) on Postcards

Maps are a good way of learning about the world. And, these days, almost the only way of travelling. 

Heleen (the Netherlands) send me the postcard above, of the Dutch province of North Brabant. And also another one with its flag!

Another map on a postcard, showing where some famous Ukranian lighthouses are located. 
The postcard is completed with fantastic stamps on the back!

Maps from New Mexico and North Carolina (the USA), also received through the Postcrossing site:


  1. I think map cards are my favourite (if I had to choose only one theme) and I especially like the old style state maps.

    1. Maps are very entertaining. Me too, I like those state maps. I'd like to complete a map of the USA with those!

  2. The postcard with the lighthouse stamps is really cool.


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