05 May 2021

La Libération - De Bevrijding

Stamp issued by Belgium in 2018. More about this issue.


  1. How thoughtful to post a stamp about the liberation today!
    The stamp commemorates the liberation in 1918 in Belgium (and I suppose the text on the right - which is in German! - has to do with this fact), of WW1.
    And today, 5th of May, here in the Netherlands it is Liberation Day / Bevrijdingsdag, in which we commemorate the liberation from WW2 in 1945.
    That day the Netherlands was liberated completely. I learned that this was the fact for my mom, who lived in Amsterdam, thought father lived in the south, in Eindhoven, which already was liberated in the end of 1944, and didn’t face the hunger winter the people in the north west had suffered (winter 1944/1945).

    I must say I wonder (and it makes me sad) that in 2021 still people think they need to fight against other people and war still hasn’t been disappeared from our world..
    I would hope people learn from the past - and stamps are a nice way to remind us of this past.

    1. I got this postcard from you last year, so I red about the Bevrijdingsdag. I knew the Belgian stamp refers to a different wars, but I thought I could publish both under the same label.

      Sadly, these reminders aren't enough.

    2. Sure they refer in fact to the same fact: the feeling of being freed from war, freed from suppressors. Thank you for posting!


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