13 August 2021

The Mediterraneum Epistolarum

 Letter sent to Alan (the UK).

The Mediterraneum Epistolarum was an important office devoted to sending letters from southern castles to other regions · Some say it never existed · But the truth is that an old-fashioned lady is keeping it secretly alive.


  1. That is an interesting (true?!) story, and a wonderful illustration!

    1. The letter was a reply to this one, sent, as you can see, from The Britannic Epistolarium. Of course it is a true story. Do you doubt that Old-Fashioned Lady exists and write letters from... here? ;)

    2. :-) And no, I wouldn’t dare to be in doubt! My question mark followed by an exclamation mark were meant to express my happily being surprised :-)
      By the way, I totally agree with Bryon, and not only the world needs them, also old fashioned ladies rock!

  2. The world needs more old fashioned ladies around to keep these mysteries alive!

  3. Old Fashioned Ladies are the best :)

  4. Love these and the lady who creates them!


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