27 November 2021


If you are on Twitter, you might be aware of the #PostBoxSaturday hashtag. It is gorgeous, every Saturday, to see some interesting post boxes from around the world. You can contribute with all kind of post boxes. 

Even fictitious ones, like these in one of the latest adventures of Mortadelo y Filemón (or Mort & Phil): Misión por España

(For those who do not know the series: Mortadelo (Mort) is the tall, bald master of disguise named after mortadella sausage. Filemón (Phil) is his bossy partner. They both serve as secret agents in the T.I.A. (a spoof on CIA), the Técnicos de Investigación Aeroterráquea (='Aeroterrestrial Investigation Technicians'). Tía is the Spanish word for 'aunt'. And, of course, they always mess everything up!)

- Man, we've been walking like this for 17 kilometres!
 It's already good joke, right?
- Ah, well there we have what we need.
- I think we should have waited to find a post-office.
- Well, it's a mailbox, right? And I put a lot of stamps on it.

The favourite hobby of Mort is wearing all sorts of disguises...
-We rely on resolute, cocky, brave guys.
 The cops are going to bite the dust.
- Have you heard that? Three trucks of pot, ecstasy, marijuana,
 dope... They are trafficking in style!

-And ready to fight! To brawl with the police! 
 We have to act!

Don't pay attention to the mistakes of my rough translation... :)

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