28 November 2021

Sunday Stamps | Cartoons & Characters

Some famous characters from Japan:

Doraemon in the Bamboo Thicket
20 May 2020

Magikarp, a Pokémon species
7 July 2021

I think the Japanese really love comics and cartoon stamps. They issue a lot, even from foreign illustrators and characters: 
Girl Playing Harp, a Dick Bruna design
21 July 2000

Mymble, a Tove Jansson character
1 August 2018

I have received also Moomin stamps from Finland, like this*:
6 May 2009

And now, let's see a couple of funny British cartoons:
4:55 P.M., by Charles Barsotti
The cheque in the post
, by Jack Ziegler
26 February 1996

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*If interested, you can see my collections here: Tove Jansson / Dick Bruna


  1. There's some great stamps in that "Don't Ring" issue! I should have that stamp booklet somewhere.

    1. I've got only these, but I've seen the rest on the net. They are all brilliant!

  2. I think you're right about the Japanese love of cartoons and, of course, anime and manga.
    I'll now look up the rest of that Btitish series
    I haven't seen any of these before.

  3. Japanese love of cuteness is a joy. I visited the Utrecht Museum where they have installed what was Dick Bruna's studio. One of the staff said he used to walk past most days and give them a wave.

    1. Now I need to visit that museum! I'm very fond of Dick Bruna, thanks to a Dutch friend, mostly.

  4. Great fun - I have not seen any of these before.


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