21 November 2021

Sunday Stamps | Trees

Several Trees for today's Sunday Stamps...

Forestry for Development
Cyprus, 1985

The Branch, by Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov
Russia, 2006

Quercus gilva (Red-bark oak)
Japan, 2011 (International Year of Forests)

Japan, 2020

USA, 2012

Tarzan is a literary creature of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Do you remember this popular fictional character, usually depicted as wearing a loincloth and jumping from tree to tree in the jungle?


  1. I like those little acorns on the Japan selvedge and always enjoy intricate tree branches.
    It would be nice to swing through the trees like Tarzan although I suspect I would be an accident waiting to happen. Always thought the best bits of the old Johnny Weissmuller films were when he was in the water, such an elegant swimmer.

  2. Branches can get in the way of a beautiful view. But sometimes they frame it so nicely, as in this stamp.
    Love the stylized Japan stamp, too.
    Seeing any forest makes me want to jump in and walk through the view!

  3. We used to try and emulate Tarzan when we were kids. Interesting leaves on the red oak.


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