15 June 2024


These stamp were issued on 22 March this year. They feature graphic illustrations of brilliantly coloured flowers rendered in ink and gouache paint. Derry Noyes, an art director for USPS, designed the stamp using an existing illustration by artist Kim Parker. The horizontal stamp is called Celebration Blooms, and the vertical one is Wedding Bloom. These are supposed to be used for oversized greeting cards or heavy invitations for birthdays, weddings, aniversaries and other celebrations. 

I got them on regular letters -I mean, no invitations to anything other that keep writing. In my opinion, they look very different according to the background.

(Tomorrow is Bloomsday)


  1. You're right, they do look different. To me the yellow pops out more on the white envelope and the dark pink is more prominent on the yellow envelope!

  2. I wonder what color would make the blue flowers pop? I'm entertained by the fact that Bryon and I had the same idea about using these stamps to meet the global rate.

    1. I'm glad that you both sent the stamps!
      I don't know about the blue but, as violet commented, when I received the second I couldn't but realise the difference.


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