20 June 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Fort Ancient

Fort Ancient is a 2,000-year-old ceremonial hilltop enclosure. It has 18,000 ft. of earth walls, ranging from 4 to 23 ft. in height. The Hopewell indians used crude digging tools to place up to 40 pounds of soil into woven baskets. Abandoned by 50 AD, the site was later reoccupied around AD1000 by the Fort Ancient Indians.
These postcards were sent by Phillip (the USA), 6 years apart (2016 & 2024).


Thursday Postcard Hunt

June theme: TIME
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!


  1. I would love to visit this site.

  2. Interesting. I've never heard of Fort Ancient. An unusual name.

  3. I never heard of it, but absolutely interesting! Ill have to research it....

  4. Incredible! I had no idea about Fort Ancient. It's amazing to think about people building such a massive structure over 2,000 years ago, especially with the tools they had! Thanks for sharing this piece of ancient history for the Thursday Photo Hunt.

  5. I like that "say what you see" name. Hillforts are fascinating especially when thinking about the labour needed to create.


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