Spanish Doctor

Sent to the mail art call "Your Doctor in Mail Art" (the Netherlands).
Also published here.

Gold Beer

Sent by Stefan (Germany).
Beer packaging turned into a postcard.

International Mermaid

This postcard is a watercolor by Anna Price-Oneglia (American). It was printed in Korea. It was sent from Ireland to Spain by Vilma (a Lithuanian girl).

Chinese Mail Boxes

Sent to Anna and Esther (the USA), to Irina (Ukraine) and to Heleen (the Netherlands) so far.
Plastic notebook cover turned into some postcards.
One of them published here.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Sent to the mail art call "Your Doctor in Mail Art" (the Netherlands).
Big collage.
Also published here.

Stickers Postcard

Received from Tiia (Finland).
Stickers on the postcard.


Received from Heleen (the Netherlands).
Toothbrush sent as a letter.

Altered Pippi

Sent to mrpotani (the USA).
Invitation for a birthday party turned into a postcard, with altered message (the original on top).
Also published here.

Mont-roig i Miró

Sent to the mail art call Mont-roig i Miró (PC).
Also published here and here.

Maximum Mail Boxes

Received from Eeva (Åland, Finland).
Maximum postcards.

I Will Got Postcards From Abroad

«Recibiré postales del extranjero tiernas y ajadas, besos, recuerdos... ¿Cómo están todos?, Te echo de menos, ¡Cómo pasa el tiempo!»

Ismael Serrano
(«Vértigo», Atrapados en azul)

New Zealand - Singapore - Spain

This postcard was sent by Tarya from Auckland (New Zealand). But it arrived with a postmark from Singapore.

Vintage Comics

Received from Matthew (Canada).
Envelope made from a vintage comic page.

You Deserve This Postcard

Sent to Ezra and Bonnie-Jeanne (the USA) and Jędrzej (Poland).
AD card for beer. The receiver shall scratch the silver off the bottle.

Turkish Tea

Sent to Laura (the UK).
Tea box turned into a postcard.

Stitched Heart

Received from Marlene (the USA).
Patchwork postcard.

Sant Jordi 2010

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
Collage about Saint-George's Day with matched stamps.
Also published here.