14 December 2012

Retro Women

Sent by Marlene (the United States).
Postcard designed by Anne Taintor (here you can read more about her).

I opened this album when I receive this postcard form Marlene. I added two postcards previously sent by Laura (the UK) by Ephemera. I named it retro women, but maybe there is a better name in English to refer to this 50s & 60s retro style... (Please, tell me!).


  1. I think Retro Women is the perfect name. These cards are a lot of fun. And women used to really wear their hair like that!

    1. Thank you!
      You're right: their hair is really funny...!

  2. I once bought a set of cards by Anne Taintor, to send to Postcrossers. There's one I put aside to send to you one day :-)

    About the word 'retro', I'm not good at English and had always thought that 'vintage' was more or less the same as 'retro'. That is, I considered Anne Taintor's work as 'vintage' but I might be wrong. Maybe 'vintage' also refers to former times (first half of 20th century or so?!?).
    To me '50s & 60s style' seems the most clear name, but from now on I'll think of 'retro', too :-)

    1. Maybe we can use "vintage" and "retro" to mean the same. But recently I've seen the word "vintage" so overused that I'm not sure about its meaning. It seems that all "vintage" things (clothes, pictures, style...) is fashionable... And this is a big contradiction, isn't it? :P

      Oh, I have continuously this problems with my English...


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