26 December 2012

Twaalf provinciën (I)

The first Dutch-language issue of the Donald Duck comic book came out in 1952. To celebrate the 60th anniversary Donald Duck decided to leave Duckburg and visit the different provinces of the Netherlands. Every month a different province.  

The Dutch post issued "postsets" (three postcards with three matched stamps per set) in order to commemorate this special trip. Heleen have sent some of them to me... so I have learnt a lot about Dutch geography and culture!

PS I also discovered that Donald's nephews (Huey, Dewy and Louie) are called in Dutch Kwik, Kwek and Kwak. This sound to me like more suitable names for three ducks! I have never read these comics in my language. In Spain the names are Jorgito, Juanito and Jaimito (rather unpronounceable!). But they have different names in other countries. And in yours?


Write in Frisian!
It this Vuurduin lighthouse? I think so!
The hut selling food and drink on a near ice for skaters is called "Koek-en-zopie".


In Vrijthof Square (Maasthicht).
Donald and his nephews are eating the typical "Limburgse Vlaai". 

The highest part of the country. Not real mountains, but still hard to climb by bike! (And especially if your nephews are so sassy!).

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