17 December 2012


Sent by Eva (Germany).

I know it is not, but it seems that the house in the stamp could be the same one as the cosy house drawn on the envelope (and on the writing paper inside).


  1. It's a beautiful composition: the houses with dark blue sea on the stamp on the right above, together with the house, with the dark blue sky, bottom left.
    I think it always so nice to see stamp and drawing match, love it!

  2. It still is a great stamp!

    And I was suprised by the fact that it has been issued as a twin issue, we learned thanks to Violet :-)
    ( http://seeitonapostcard.blogspot.nl/2015/10/sunday-stamps-ii-42.html )
    I was wondering if these houses are in Germany or in Liechtenstein, if I understand the info well, it used to be Germany and now has been taken over by the Liechtenstein Alpine Association ('so' it is Liechtensteinic). Real peaceful place and apparently a peaceful history!

    1. Me too, I was surprised to read that on Violet's blog. I hadn't realised the Liechtenstein flag at that moment. I received it long time ago, you see. I remembered this particular stamp because I love it a lot; maybe because it looks so pretty on the envelope with houses... I spent some time looking for it on the blog!

      Thanks for re-coming!


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