08 December 2012

Smart and Graceful

This is the mail box where I usually post my letters and postcards. Isn't it smart and graceful? 


  1. I love to see this mailbox!!! Beautiful!

    Thank you for showing this - to me and to all people who receive mail posted in this mailbox, it's a special and dear one!

    P.S. I still don't know the right word in English: mailbox or letterbox?! In Dutch we call this public one 'brievenbus' (which in English literally means 'letter bus'), and also the private 'box' (in a door or a box outside the house or in row on the ground floor of a flat) is called 'brievenbus'.
    While a 'mailbox' in Dutch means 'post box', the P.O. Box...
    Is it confusing, and are there different words in all of your languages, too?

    1. I have also problems to distinguish among *mailbox*, *postbox*, *letterbox*... I think there are differences between British and American English.

      In Spanish is always *buzón*, and in Catalan *bústia*. For P.O. Box we use also this words, or we can say *apartado postal* (Spanish) or *apartat postal* (Catalan).

      I will post about that!

  2. It looks super sweet!

  3. Nice to see where you post your letters!


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