22 March 2013

Records Related to Mail

More records related to mail:
  • Oldest private postal service, in Lundy Island (the UK). 01 November 1929. Lundy Island, situated off the north Devon coast, had its own postal service launched on 1 November 1929 by Martin Coles Harman (UK), then-owner of the island.
  • Most letters to Santa collected in a Christmas season, by Canada Post. 01 December 2006. During Christmas 2006 Santa received 1.06 million letters and 44,166 emails (each one responded to with the help of Santa's very special Canada Post elves). More than 11,000 Canada Post volunteers helped respond to these letters in 11 languages, including Braille.
  • Largest stamp. 06 November 2007. The largest special stamp measured 600 mm x 493 mm and was made by Koninklijke Joh. Enschedé and issued by TNT Post for Team Nationaal Schoolontbijt in Enschedé, Netherlands.
  • Largest postcard, by Deutsche Post and Toyota Cars. 10 August 2009. It measured 48.75 m². The card was made from crinkled cardboard with an even surfaces where the motifs has been printed on. The front side contained a photo mosaic, on the back delivery address and a stamp were placed. I measured the card and inspected the material before it was mounted into a steel display and covered by transparent acrylic plates to make it water resistant for its final stand in front of Olympiastadion Berlin for the duration of the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics.
  • Largest mail box, in Gwangju (South Korea). 10 November 2009. The largest mail box in the world measured 7 m high, 3 m long and 3,001 m wide. It has a circunference of 12 m and weighs 6 tons. 200 people worked in it.
  • Most stamps in a series, China. 10 April 2012. The most stamps in one series are the Splendid Peonies series consisting of 1,000 different stamps, released in five consecutive years from 2006 to 2010 for the annual Luoyang Peony Festival in Luoyang City, Henan Province.


  1. I love these fact posts. It's a good job the biggest mailbox was larger than the biggest postcard!

    1. I hadn't realised this fact! :D


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