20 March 2013


Sent to Postmuse (the USA).

This is not an adopted postcard: I bought it. I read in Postmuse's blog that she loves camels and she has quite a collection of camel-themed items, including postcards. But I had a look to this collection and... I did not found any Moroccan camel (maybe is it not published?).

This picture, according to what is written on, was taken in Agadir. Agadir is more than 800 km far from my home in north Morocco. As I wrote in the postcard, you have the same chance to meet a camel in the city where I live as in your fridge. But still camels are a symbol of this country...


  1. The camel looks as though it has a graduate's cap on its hump. An educated camel do you think?

    1. You're right, I didn't realise this fact... So it revalorizes de postcard, don't you think so? ;)


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