09 March 2013

Postcards Crossing Europe

My friend Aarón is crossing Europe rigth now. I never know where he is exactly, because we barely keep the online contact this days. But he is sending me postcards so I can follow his steps more or less. Some days ago I have showed you the first postcard he sent me. But I have got more postcards! So far:


There are some funny thinks about this trip: 
  • It is completely unpredictable, as my friend himself. He has changed the plan thousands of times so far (but the destination seems to be Cyprus);
  • I can not answer the postcards as he has no address right now;
  • I am not receiving the postcards in the right order (is what I made the map!);
  • I have added two countries to my list (if there is any list...): Slovenia and Serbia;
  • We had never exchanged postcards so far!

And now the postcards:

He was stolen his mobile phone (nice starter!).

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan (Italy). 
He wrote they exist only two things there: fashion and soccer.

Aperitivi in Florence (Italy)

Ljubliana (Slovenia).
This city is in my wishlist of trips since long time ago.

Big postcard of Belgrad, the capital of Serbia.
It arrived a bit damaged in way.
 Update: He arrived in Cyprus!


  1. What a nice and interesting journey!

    And I think the way you put the postcards to the map a great idea!
    So nice to see this overview of where all cards have been sent from! I guess it'll be a great help / souvenir for Aarón, too!?!

    1. Maybe I'll sent to him too, good suggestion.


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