26 February 2014

More Cars on Stamps

The theme for Sunday Stamps #142 was Cars. After having published the three cars I had received... I started to receive more cars!

(All them sent by Laura, in the UK).

This red car, sent by John, is a bit older. There is some funny about Morris cars. I had seen one of them only in comic, because El Súper, a character of famous Spanish comics Mortadelo y Filemón (Mort and Phil) owned one of these. Until two years ago I thought these cars existed just in the comics...!


  1. This was a very nice set, John's stamp with the Morris Minor post van is from the mini sheet of the same series. The mini sheets were hard to find in the post office, I had to order some online.

  2. Those are great stamps! I really like them too.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I find these stamps wonderful too.

  4. The Morris van is the UK's pathetic attempt to publish a Europa stamp for the 2013 theme (mail transport). I say pathetic because so many countries did whole series of them with some really great old vehicles.
    Like Lisa I can't get the mini-sheets at the Post Office and have to buy them on-line. Our post office is only a very small local one and I think maybe the main town or city post offices would be a better bet.

    1. In Spain (let alone in Morocco) is really difficult to get good stamps. Sometimes is difficult just to get real stamps!

      I don't think it's pathetic: for me every Morris is a funny car!


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