12 February 2014

Don't Upload My Postcard

Two weeks ago I received this e-mail from the Postcrossing site: "You are receiving this email because you are the recipient of postcard NL-267876This is just to let you know that this postcard's image was removed by its sender, who had previously uploaded it."

Not the end of the world, but the whole matter irritates me because:

1) This postcard was sent more than three years ago. I am not able to understand why the sender took the time to remove it from my wall (I sent him a message, but I haven't received any answer so far). I cannot imagine any normal reason why this image is so important (By the way: why some postcrossers have problems with images of sent postcards?!?).

2) I'm not able to upload the postcard again. The image I kept in my computer is too small, and I don't have the real postcard with me.

3) Is the only image missing in my wall.

4) I really like this postcard: the colour, the concept (made of food packaging), the theme chosen...

5) It happens that it is the very first incoming mail I published in this blog.

6) The final sentence in the sender's profile is: "love harmony & beauty".

Update: This is a creative answer! 


  1. I didn't know it was possible to remove photos of sent cards once they've been registered?! Anyway, I've seen some people writing that they want to keep their wall "clean", but I just somehow can not understand the reason why... I love exploring other people's postcard walls. :)

    1. I also thought it couldn't be possible... Maybe this only apply to "old" uploads. When I started to be a postcrosser, uploading images wasn't possible. Then they offered this possibility. I think it's great, as it allows you to see beautiful postcards, and maybe gives you ideas. but I'm afraid some people don't understand the concept of "sharing" the wall...

      What do you think about the "update"?

  2. I don't understand the reason why the user did it, after 3 years... it is strange..
    I feel so sad when someone delete the picture of the postcard I sent ... but I can not do anything so... I try not to think on it.

    1. It isn't really important, but I don't understand. And, as you wrote, it also makes me sad... :(

  3. I don't understand it either. I personally love looking at the different postcards on the postcard wall.

    1. Me too. But some people don't... :(


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