28 February 2014

British Majesty

In order to complete this post, I want to show you more received stamps about British Royalty:

Two kings from long time ago, along with the youngest member of the Royal family in a stamp issued by Canada Post/Postes Canada:

And this postcard of the Queen's Carriage sent by John (the UK, of course) that fits perfectly:


  1. Those are all really cool stamps! I don't collect stamps anymore, I used to as a child.

    One of the "sad" things about living in Japan is they don't sell anything with their Imperial family on it. They aren't on stamps, coins or postcards at all.

    1. Me too, I don't collect stamps (my husband does), but I like to see nice stamps on letters and postcards. Lately, I also enjoy reading about stamps and postal history.

      In Spain we have a lot of stamps with the king on it, but they belong to the "basic" series. So they doesn't show beautiful pictures. I remember the postal service issued a nice stamp when the prince got married, some years ago.

  2. I wish we (the UK) had done a stamp for Prince George. It seems silly that Canada and other Commonwealth countries did and we didn't! The Canadian one is a gem.


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