28 June 2014


It is always a pleasure to receive mail from París. This time I have received two postcards from Heleen:

One orange hello and the perfect image of happiness (for people whose one of main pleasures is breakfast...). Have you noticed the strange language in the newspaper?!?

But I received also an special mail art postcard, made by two mail artists who meet in Paris: Heleen from the Netherlands and Katerina from Greece. Isn't it amazing?

They managed to draw and add some things I really love:

Let me still show another card received from Paris. It is a folded postcard sent by Eric (France), with the documentation for his mail art project We are not alone. I was happy to learn that it was so successful: 39 artists from 11 countries sent 88 items! I am afraid the picture in the thank you card is a bit... worrying.

It arrived with perfectly matched stamps:

And also this postcard received from Catherine (France) I found a very original image of this city:


Thank you for coming. All your comments make me extremely happy.