07 June 2014

Colour My World In Red

Sent to Dimitra (Greece) for her mail art project Colour My World.

This is a very funny mail art project!
You are invited to participate in a Mail Art project entitled “Colour my world”.
You can choose to use all the colours that you like in the same art work or to create works in which, only one colour prevails. According to the project, the colours could be combined with the months of the year but this is just a suggestion. What I want is organize an exhibition with all the colours. So you are free to choose the colour that represents you best.
I will send you back mail art in the same colour.
November: all colours, December: gold and silver, January: black and white, February: brown, March: pink, April: red, May: green, June: purple, July: blue, August; orange, September: yellow, October: all colours.
Deadline: November 1st 2014.
Address and more info in Dimitra's blog.

I have participated also with pink colour (and I'm planning to participate again).

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