19 June 2014

More British Icons

Postcard sent by John (the UK). It shows a Dual aperture George V letter box with a group of four K6 telephone kiosks in Cheltenham. The picture was taken by the sender.

More received red letter boxes, a postcard and a stamp belonging to the same series:


  1. I always love to see mailbox postcards and stamps! So thank you for sharing!
    Also the telephone box is nice. But did you know that they can be out of order? See this:
    http://pietmondriaan.com/2012/08/21/david-mach/ :-)
    (well, it's an artwork, by David Mach)

    1. Don't joke! In Spain all thephone box are diappearing in one year :(
      When I'll come back I will have to buy a mobile phone, finally!

    2. And it also exists as a postcard, look:


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