08 October 2014

Lighthouses from the UK

Postcards sent by John (the UK).  The first one shows South Stack lighthouse in Wales (I had previously received another postcard of this lighthouse). 

The second postcard was sent from Scotland. It's Ardnamurchan Point. The postcard arrived a bit damaged, but it seems a cloud...

The following postcards show also Scottish lighthouses:

 Longhope Bay, Orkney, I like a lot the reflection of the lighthouse on the sea.

The Cloch (in Gaelic: 'stone') lighthouse, in the Firth of Clyde.

Isleornsay lighthouse.


  1. Beautiful postcards! The first two seem to have had (and survived!) a tough journey!

    1. Postcards arriving in Morocco are often survivors... ;-D

  2. It is annoying that one arrived damaged. I always ask them not to put the cards through the machine but to hand stamp them. Ah well, that's life.

    1. It isn't so bad. I must say that usually your postcards arrived carefully postmarked. But, as you wrote, that's life. And I don't dislike to see that the postcards have travelled (and lived) before sleeping in my albums/walls/boxes...


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