22 October 2014

Amsterdam multiples

Postcard sent by Laura (the Netherlands). I just love it!

And it matches perfectly with this amazing one sent by Heleen (the Netherlands, of course):

This is a really amazing postcard, don't you thing so? I had seen sometimes in Postcrossing walls, but I had never got it myself.

I like the fact that it fits in so many of my albums (you need to look closely!): Beer, Dick Bruna, Food, Flags, the VQR Postal Project (number 31 is a cow and number 36 is cheese),  Lighthouses (in the medal), Multiples on postcards, Tea & Cofee (see the teaspoon), royalty, Sinterklaas,  Tulips, Windmills (also in the teaspoon)... I am sure I forget something!

Even the stamp, issued past August, shows an UNESCO World Heritage Site:

What a complete postcard!


Thank you for coming. All your comments make me extremely happy.