15 October 2014

Halloween Ideas

I am not a big fan of Halloween. It is not a tradition in my country, nor in Morocco.

But anyway, I don't mind having something to celebrate. And as some of my friends do, I enjoy making Halloween cards for them.

I have browsed the net to pick some inspiration. Here you have some bright ideas for your Halloween mail, in case you need:

Do you have more nice ideas?


  1. Carol's blog has some great decorated envelopes for Halloween.

    This year: http://mamacjt.blogspot.com/

    Last year: one that Carol shared with Jean (pushing the envelopes): http://pushingtheenvelopes.blogspot.com/2013/11/this-just-in.html

  2. Jo en terres catalanes tampoc no sóc fan de Halloween perquè fa la competència a la Castanyada per als més menuts, però ara que estic als EUA m'obsessionen les carabasses, tant com a ells la tardor!

    1. Les meues nebodes fan panellets i el "trick or treat"... La globalització? :)

      Jo faria MOLTES fotos de les carabasses!!


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