16 October 2014

Puzzle Post

I have received this letter from Heleen (the Netherlands). It was written Puzzel Post on the envelope. What does it mean? So I opened...

It seemed the work was especially designed for me...

Not so difficult but... Maybe I needed more coffee this morning, because it too me a while until I complete the design!

How wonderful is this drawing?


  1. Oh wow! I'm watching the TV here! There is a program called Project Runway in which some designers compete to win. They have different challenges and they're really creative. I love this show, it's like Chopped but with fashion (I'm already an expert in American pop culture). They have this beautiful patterns and I think Heleen's design would look incredible on one of their clothes. They are very talented and so she is!

  2. Maybe I'd like to see this program too. I'm sure that Heleen would win!

  3. Thank you for your kind words, Eutrapèlia and Eva!
    I don't know the programm. Fortunately there are a lot of people who use their talents (Picasso said: every person has been born an artist :-) - including the two of you! I always think it a joy to see what creative ideas people have (and creative collections; Eutrapèlia, I found a small comic about a mirror, can I still send you mirrors? And if so, do you still have the same address?).

    1. Oh, Heleen, thank you a lot! I send you my new adress bu email. I live in the USA now!


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