08 October 2014

Lighthouses from the World

Some of the lighthouses I have recently got. Well, I'm afraid that some of them were received months ago, but never uploaded to the blog, so...

From France

Postcard sent by Sandrine (France). I have been near most of these lighthouses. I think this region of France, Brittany, increased my passion for lighthouses...

Phare de Boulogne-sur-Mer (bottom right). Postcard sent by Catherine (France).

From Germany

Flügge lighthouse on the stamp of a letter sent by Eva (Germany).

From Hungary

Sent by Micu (Hungary). Lighthouse found next to a trash bin and cleverly reused as a cool postcard!

From Italy

Postcard sent by Bruno (Italy). It shows the port of Castiglione della Pescaia, in Tuscany.  
Update: I have just read that the blue (rare colour!) mole lighthouse is inactive.

From the Netherlands

Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). It shows Lange Jaap (='Long James') the lighthouse of Den Helder. The stamps below, arrived on another letter from Heleen show Eierland lighthouse. (Certainly not the first time it appears in this blog) and Brandaris.

From Russia

Postcard sent by Eduard (Russia). This is a very special limited edition :)

From the United States

Point Robinson Lighthouse in Maury Island (Washington, USA). Postcard sent by Bryon.

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