15 November 2014

Smurfs from Europe

Postcard sent by John (the UK).

However little you know about me, you know I am very fond of Smurfs. I used to play with these figurines as a child, and Smurf comics were among my favourites. As an adult, I started a new collection because the old ones had got lost. And I need to mention that recently the Smurfs have the main responsibility in the start of one amazing friendship.

I had to left  my little blue friends in Spain when I move into Morocco. I mean... this is not the kind of stuff that you put into your backpack when you move to a new country!

But, since then, I have received (and sent of course) some Smurfmail. I have even got four real Smurfs! In case you wonder why they are so different in size... Well, they arrived from the UK, the Netherlands and Hungary inside different packets. So I guess they are but cousins, not siblings.


  1. I love Smurfs! <3 My favourite is: Ciamajda (Polish name), Slouch? ;)


    1. I'm not sure I have a favourite Smurf, but Slouchy is lovely :)

  2. How nice to see the smurfs from different countries united!

    And thank you for your kind words and friendship/smurfship :-)

    1. Luckily, all the Smurfs speak the same language (Schtroumpf). So they have not any problem to integrate in the big international Smurfhood, you know.


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