18 November 2014

Good News Stamp

I wrote here about Correos' (the official Spanish postal service) contest for designing a new stamp. They announced the winners some days ago. You can see all the winners and finalist here.

They are going to sell a stamp with this design in 2015:

The design looks to me more modern than usual. And I also like the message: "Serve this stamp for giving good news". 

It is a pity that the designer wrote the slogan just in one language (there are four official languages in Spain). But this is the usual procedure of this company, anyway


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to the stamp design entries - there are some amazing ones. I actually like the youth category better!

    1. It is a pity that only two will become a real stamp. Youth category was about the theme "light". Great subject for a stamp!

  2. I would buy the second one, adult category ^^


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