20 November 2014

A Snail Mail Diary

I, MountainMan/CityBoy (Robert Duddy), will begin my journey by heading to Ft. Lauderdale, FL from Durham, NC. From there I fly to Lima, Peru on December 3rd. I will be traveling by any means necessary, accessible and exciting. The mode of transportation will vary but from past experience, I can promise you at least a handful of bus rides from hell. I will not be following a route that is set in stone, but I anticipate stops along the way in Peru, Chile, Argentina. Ecuador and Uruguay are also a possibility, depending on time. I will remain in South America for at least 3 months before flying out of Peru back to the United States. While on the road I will take at least one photograph each day, and I will write about a thought, experience, sight, or encounter. These two elements will be combined into a postcard that I produce in the field and send to a project backer.
I would like to send these postcards myself... You can learn more about the project (and/or become a backer) here.


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    1. As I wrote, I'd like to do something similar... :)


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