24 November 2014

Morning Happiness


  1. That picture would make for a great postcard.

  2. I agree with FinnBadger!
    The wizard of Oz postcard looks cool.
    Turkish coffee?
    You are lucky if your mail arrives in time for breakfast.

    1. I'm afraid I cheated in this picture. My mail doesn't arrive at all, because I receive it in a post box, so it's me who goes to the post office, usually in the morning. It's rather disappointing when there isn't any letter... Sometimes, when I come back, I prepare the "second breakfast" of the day. In the picture, it's black tea, not coffee. I had so many letters the same day because I had been on holidays the week before...

      The Oz postcard is wonderful. It was sent to the "Oz Postcard Project" (see on the right side of the blog!).

    2. So the OZ postcard looks like it might be in the Puffin covers box of postcards - I've been wanting an excuse to get that ;)
      Cool project with some lovely cards.

    3. Yes Lisa - that is where it comes from. Some of the Puffin ones are super. My daughter bought me the box for Father's Day.

    4. What do you mean? Do daughters give Puffin books to fathers? I always thought that fathers buy children books (or postcards about children books) to... children! :D


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