21 February 2015

Are We Asking for Too Much?

«The lost letters make me as angry as they make you. I don't think I'm asking for too much to life: I write a letter, I put it inside an envelope and it reaches its destination.»

In a received letter


  1. Of course each lost letter is a sad story. We put effort in it, and love, and expect it to arrive. And it is so bad and frustrating when suddenly the mails appears to be lost.
    On the other hand, sometimes I am wondering - and I think it amazing - that most mail does arrive. Concerning the journey it is travelling, the people, postal machines, various means of transport it is passing, from door, via letterbox, to another door, with hundreds, sometimes even thousands of kilometers of distance between them, I sometimes think it a miracle that so many letters, cards, pieces of mailart, do arrive safely.

    Nevertheless of course it keeps on being a pity when you're waiting, for mail to arrive or a sign that the receiver has received it, and nothing happens...

    1. I just loved the way my friend wrote this idea on the letter. I also consider mail a kind of miracle...

      When I realise that a letter is lost, I have a tantrum... But of course that doesn't make me to stop sending mail.

      (By the way: haven't you get a letter with starlings?)


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