10 February 2015

Some Inspiring Mail Art Calls

Mail Art Egg Project  / 15 March 2015

Egg, as a form, shape, pattern. No technical limitations: you can use pen or pencil, dye or chalk, B/W or colour, graphics, montage, collage, photo, etc. You can even create it in 3D.
All art-pieces will be scanned and uploaded to this blog.
the Similarly to the previous years, the entire collection will be donated to the Budapest Stamp Museum and exhibited there from 30th March to 12th April 2015

The Year of the Sheep / 25 March 2015

wouldn’t mind expanding the theme to sheep and other farm animals.
You can make or decorate an envelope or postcard that reflects it. I will post everything on that day so those who read this blog can vote for their favorite piece of mail art. The winner will be announced in the post that follows (on March 30th) and they shall receive a prize. All are welcome to participate! 

Letter To Me / 1 July 2015

Create a letter to yourself. A present self or a past self or a future self.
Technique is free (painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, rubber stamps, 3D objects, etc.).
Size is free (whatever you can get through the postal system. Although a simple handwritten letter is encouraged.
All work and project documentation will be shown on the blog and there will be a postal response. After its completion, the whole project will be donated to the Special Collections at Vanderbilt University Library in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

John Lennon / 20 September 2015

Subject: John Lennon: poet, artist, musician.
All works will be published in this blog.
Technique free (photography, painting, drawing, computer graphics, collage, artistamps, rubber stamps, mixed techniques, 3D objects, box of art, prose, poetry, etc.).
Documentation in pdf.
Exhibition: 9 October 2015


  1. Thank you for the information. I am quite interested in the letter to myself one.

    1. Are you going to participate?


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