25 February 2015

Once upon a Time

Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). It shows some cows in the meadows of Valkenburg, in that old time when most of cows could enjoy real fresh grass and daylight...

This postcard has been sent twice. First time when postage within the Netherlands costed 2 guilder cents and then two months ago, when it costed 64 euro cents. It took four weeks to reach my mail box. I bet it was quicker the first time!

The first date is not appreciated any more. I love the combination of the two postmarks, penmanships and stamps. It makes a long story for a single postcard...


  1. That's exactly how I enjoy my cards as well: with lots to tell.

  2. Can you still read the message from the first time?

    1. More or less. But it says only "From xxxx. Valkenburg".


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