16 June 2015

Beer Doesn't Make You Fat

Letter sent by PostMuse (the USA). It is an envelope made out of an old calendar. The beer is beautifully painted on. It seems a real one! I am just happy that this arrived before Ramadan starts... (Probably the post office workers are neither eating nor drinking during the daytime in Ramadan. So I would not want to disturb their fasting with beers).

Among other nice stamps, she included this one, issued on 1971 and wrote it is one of her least favourites. However, I like it. Not just the fact of receiving old stamps, which is great. But I also love the vintage design and the colour.

Besides this, it matches perfectly with the beer-themed envelope, does not it? Remember that you must consume beer envelopes (mail art in general) in moderation.


  1. I totally agree: moderation in consuming addictive products rules!

    By the way, I love that stamp, too. It reminds me of those years. In the 70-ies (o.k., early eighties) I read the book by the German girl Christiane F., which was very popular in our country, too, and which was a good warning against heroin. The dangers of those drugs were present in those days, with dealers standing close to schools, and I heard that at least one teen from our school got addicted. Nowadays heroin use seems to be decreased, but newer drugs and also still the widely accepted alcohol cause too much victims...

    I like the design, and love the colours, too!

    1. The letter looks better "alive". It's very well designed. I also loved the slogan "Beer doesn't make you fat, it makes you lean against walls and floors". Well, that made me smile...


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