01 June 2015

Sheep (More or Less)

Postcard sent by Christophe (France). It seems that if you wash a cow in a washing machine, and then hang it outdoors in the clothesline... It become a sort of sheep and then you can knit its wool. Not sure about temperature, though, because it indicates 30, 60 and 95 ºC. 

Arrived the same day (funny, isn't it?): postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). It shows the typical breed of sheep in Drenthe, in the east of the Netherlands. It arrived with these two wool-related stamps: De Schapenscheerseter (naar Millet) (1889) and Weefgetouw met wever (1884), both by Van Gogh.


  1. Washing a cow and then have this result! That is a funny card!

    If you catalogue that card, would you file it under 'Cows' or under 'Laundry'? :-)

    1. As you can see, nothing is stopping me to catalogue the card in both: the VQR Postal Project (http://goo.gl/9f1Vvs) and the clotheline's album (https://goo.gl/OIoj85)!


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