07 June 2015

Mail Tag

I have been tagged by Hannah of Rose Tinted Crafting to answer the following questions about my written correspondence. So:

Do you exchange letters? 

Yes, I do. How did you know?

If so, how long have you been doing it, if not, have you exchanged letters before? 
I have started to exchange letters when I was 11 years old (28 years ago? Really??).

Do you remember who was your first correspondent? 
Yes, I do. I remember her perfectly, because she is still my regular correspondent.

Why did you start exchanging letters? 
I think I just thought it would be fun... Why, I was 11 years old!

Have you thought about stopping exchanging letters? 
Why would I do something like that? I write less letters when I am busier, of course. Or I write just postcards when life is hectic. But... stopping? It seems impossible: writing letters is not a hobby. It is a way of life; a way of taking a walk on the slow side.

What is the maximum of correspondents you had?
There are people who writes often, there are people who writes once in a while, even once a year... I am not able to count them.

Do you prefer handwritten or typed letters?

Most of my sent letters are handwritten, and also most of the letters I receive. But that is up to the sender. Everyone needs to feel comfortable when writing. I have only a rule in letterwriting: I answer every letter I receive.

How do you define the sensation of receiving a letter? 
Like this?

Do you prefer to write or receive letters?
This is a very difficult question... Anyway: I must send a letter in order to get a letter, mustn't I?

Write a handwritten message to your pen pals/correspondents.
I did. I sent it through snail mail. Sorry: messages are private!

Tag 3 people to answer this tag
I am not very into mail tags (this is my very first). I am not sure who would like to answer these questions. So, please: feel free to join. Let me know if you do!


  1. I am not much into mail tags either. However in a way I feel tagged by you :-) I will answer to the questions to you in snail mail (even though I think you will know my answers already :-) )

    1. That's great!
      Did you remember that post-it? :D

    2. I have received your answers (imagine me 'jumping a hole in the air') :D

  2. Apologies Eva for taking this long to look at your mail tag answers. Thank you so much for joining in on the mail tag, it is lovely to know a little bit more about your written correspondence. I don't usually do mail tags either but was tagged by the very sweet Vi of the blog Postal Swing to answer those questions. Your blog is lovely Eva, I will definitely try and be a more regular visitor from now on x

    1. Don't worry, please. I'm happy that you like the blog. You will be always welcome here! :-)


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