29 October 2015

3,75 Dirhams

From the series Strange things that happen in Morocco:

The postage stamps within the country cost 3,75 dirhams. Or, coins of 0,05 dirhams do not exist any more, nor the coins of 0,01 dirhams. Well, they say that those coins circulate, but I have never seen any of them. Notice that 0,05 dirhams are equivalent to 0,005 €... So it would not be not really useful anyway for shopping.

So, how could you pay a single stamp? Well, you cannot. You must pay 3,70 or 3,80 (what I do is buying at least two stamps, so I pay 7,5 dirhams). It is not a substantial difference, of course. But let me say that it is a nonsense...


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