15 October 2015

Fashion Mail Boxes

Five Spanish pillar boxes were elegantly dressed last week, to celebrate the Alicante Fashion Week. They were redesigned by five participants in the show, and stood up in different streets of Alacant. Once finished, they will be yellow again. 

Do you like the idea and the designs?


  1. 1, 4 i 5 són els que m'agraden més, també la frase de l'u, tot i que el bilingüisme se l'han menjat per esmorzar. M'agraden els canvis que muden el paisatge de cada dia en una ciutat, tot i que si ho fes un govern patiria per la inversió de quelcom tan efímer.

  2. These are fun, I really like the one covered in eyes.

  3. All those eyes would me make nervous, I doubt if I would post my mail into this one :-)
    I love the idea of designing mailboxes, but I think I would draw / paint something more mail-related to it (a fashionable post(wo)man, a bunch of trendy envelopes or a stylish snail mail snail :-) )

    1. On the contrary, I think the eyes would watch very well your mail... ;)


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