30 October 2015

Batman Stamps

I received this letter from Bryon (the USA) some months ago. I think these Batman stamps are just perfect for Halloween mail, don't you?

At first sight I thought that the round ones were not real stamps (And I am not the only one...See the comments).

And I have just remembered that I had got more Batman stamps. These ones were issued in 2006 as a part of a comic series.


  1. I purchased a sheet of these stamps and didn't notice the word "forever" on the round ones. I gave them to the 2 year old grand-girl to use as stickers! Can't believe I did that!

  2. I just noticed how perfectly the post office clerk cancelled these stamps. So nice!

    I can see how perhaps people didn't think the round stamps were actual postage - they are quite small. Apparently they were made small so people wouldn't be confused with the circular global forever stamps.

    1. Yes, that cancellation is perfect.


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