22 October 2015

Sending Leaves by Mail

I have just learned that there is a company that mails you Autumn Foliage collected in New England. From 20 USD: three colour balanced leaves (red, yellow and mixed-colour), specially preserved to last for years. Ah, and you can choose the size. Only grade A leaves! 

Are you surprised? Well, there is another company who ships... snow. Not from New England, but from Boston. Just in case you cannot afford a fridge.

Eutrapèlia (the USA), sent me this postcard celebrating autumn and the reading men. The paper foliage seems colour-balanced enough to me. And I bet they are grade A leaves!


  1. hahah the snow business was a success last winter, but it was a historic winter, it had never snowed as much as last year in Boston, so 'we' had to do something about it. People came up with a lot of funny ideas. We couldn't even go to work most of Mondays...

    1. So 'we' could sell rain... Thanks again for the postcard!
      (Something for you on the way.)

    2. My mail arrives very slowly, lately!

    3. This postcard arrived in 9 days. Not bad for Moroccan standards!

  2. If only I could sell British rain I'd be a multi-billionaire in no time at all!!


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