22 June 2016

Just Two Pictures…

... taken a couple of weeks ago in Tarifa (Spain): the southernmost point of Continental Europe.

Above, the street were the post office is, and nobody is allowed to enter (by car, obviously), except postal vehicles.

And, below, the hostel just in front of the post office: the Pensión Correo. The place I would I had stayed in! (Update December 2017: Done!)


  1. Great pictures, I wonder if there are mail lovers vacations available anywhere?

    1. I was thinking of that being or next project/business: Travel Agency for Mail Lovers... ;-)

  2. Maybe we can start a joint venture (business) for that, to organize mail holiday arrangements, support in letter writing and mail advice included :-)

    Well, I'm not good in organizing holidays and doing business, but I could assist the two of you by providing the 'mail support' part :-)


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