21 June 2016

Composition with Stamps

Letter sent to FinnBadger (the USA), replying to his airgram with balloons.

I like the idea of playing with stamps. But I must admit that part of the inspiration for this piece came from this post in Eric's blog...

You can see on the recipient's blog how the postal services managed to ruin this envelope with awful scribbles.


  1. This is such a clever and creative design, really awesome stamp scene. I love that you even continued the city on either side of the mainsheet. Thanks again!

    1. I thought they should draw the sheet a bit wider... don't they think of mail art creators when designing the stamps? ;-)

      Here you can see the whole set with both stamps.

    2. The way you cut it, I thought it was the whole design of the minisheet! Nice to see the complete one. Thanks for the link - Correos has issued so many stamps so far this year, wow. I love the minisheets for the 300 years of mail they have shown so far - the lion's mouth mailbox on the second century sheet made me think of your post about Valencia.

    3. I love them too, but they are difficult to be used, with that postal value: 3€. At least, difficult to be used in normal letters. I think it's a pity they issue items not for use, but just for collection.

    4. At least they made them 300 cents and not 300 euro :)

      I am sure that Correos, like most postal services, are relying on them not being used for postage, as then their profit is higher.

    5. Of course! But I think that they aren't really aware that if we don't send stamps, collecting stamps makes no sense at all... Stamps aren't just illustrations/art/symbols/items for collectors: they are stamps.

  2. Wonderful stamp/draw collage!


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