20 February 2017

Bruna's Style Cow

Letter sent to Heleen (the Netherlands),with a happy cow on the back, Dick Bruna's style.


  1. Thank you again, Eva, I love it!

    A few days ago we sadly heard the news that Nijntje's (and this cow's) founding father, Dick Bruna, has passed away at the age of 89.
    That night there was a documentary on television, with an interview. He was such a sympathetic, friendly, happy man! And I learned about his style, as was shown while he was creating: he didn't use a felt pen or drawing pen to create the lines, but instead he made these by using a brush!

    1. I read so. 89 is a long age, but still one feel sad for losing such a great artist. I can't believe he made these drawings with a brush!
      Now I want to learn more about this man life...


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