14 February 2017

Send Someone a Love Letter

But do not stick a picture of Antactic ice as a stamp, please!

Some better suggestions:

(Maybe this would be too clear
as a Valentine message...)

Perfect for love letters and letter lovers

This traditional Portuguese embroidery
asks to the letter:
"Go happy on little bird's wings,
when you see my love, hug and kiss her/him..."

This would be perfect too, wouldn't it?


  1. A fun selection for today. I do wonder why some letters get only a partial cancel without the wavy lines. It does let you see the whole stamp, though.

    1. I don't mind that sometimes they half-cancel the stamps. Better than a pen, anyway!

      And thanks again for your contribution to this post :)

  2. On Norvic's blog, there was mention of a complaint to a company and the reply had a Mr Grumpy stamp for postage!

    1. Oh, Mr Grumpy would be a very useful stamp to have in some occasions... :D


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