27 February 2017

More Beer Postcards

Depicting a bus based ale festival in Wirral
Sent by John (the UK)

Sent by Micu (Hungary)

With the second one it happened something funny: the sender used it as a base for a handmade Christmas card. The collage arrived in perfect condition. But, for some reason, detached from the ad postcard.. So I have happened to see the postcard, and it turned to be a favourite beer. So, unintentionally, she sent two surprises instead of one!

My beer postcards album


  1. Thete's even a lighthouse on John's route!

    And the photo for the Chimay ad is beautiful!
    (Chimay is Belgian trapist/by-monch-brewed beer, isn't it?)

    1. (by monks, I mean)

    2. John sent that map/postcard in a letter full of lighthouses :D

      And yes, Chimay is a Belgian trapist. One of DH's favourites!


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