22 February 2017

Real Lighthouses

On this wonderful envelope sent by John (the UK), made of a page of a magazine (I guess), you can see the Ardnamurchan lighthouse, in Scotland.

And inside, among other things, I found some vintage postcards depicting more lighthouses:

Bidston lighthouse and signal station,
from an original print,
drawn,engraved and published about 1795
by H. F. James of Liverpool
(the UK)

Storm at Great Yarnouth (the UK)

The Coast to Coast Walk (the UK)
The picture top left is St Bees lighthouse.

Goury lighthouse (France)
48 m high

And let me add a very interesting postcard sent by Phillip (only that at first I thanked another person for it...!). It is only my second piece of mail from Puerto Rico, I had never seen a postcard like this: every picture is a sticker; so you can use it, for instance, for you travel notebook. As it says on the back: perfect for scrapbooking!

Centre and down right: San Felipe del Morro (Puerto Rico)


  1. As I think I already mentioned, I didn't even realize that this postcard was made of stickers!! Definitely a senior moment.

    1. I didn't notice it at first sight.
      Just today I received the letter where you wrote that you didn't remember this postcard... :)

  2. That sticker postcard is brilliant. I hope they catch on.


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