01 January 2018

Let It Snow!

Although snow can be bad for mailing purposes...

It is beautiful, isn't it?

And you can have a great walk in the snow...

... a memorable ski day...

Or, if you cannot ski at all (just like me!)... What about making a snowperson?

If you practice a lot... Well, maybe one day you can even build an ice castle!


  1. Wow, these beautiful stamps are connected by you in a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing, and Hapy New Year!

    Footsteps in snow on stamps, so original!

    1. There is another stamp with the tourism theme, with footsteps on the beach. I'll send it to you!

    2. I received the footsteps in the sand, thank you so much!

  2. I love stamps with snow. But real snow, not really.
    Here in Austria we have a lot of snow and a lot of mountains. The country is known for snow and skiing. But I was never in the mountains in winter. In the capital we have not much snow, that's great (for me).
    Unfortunately there are not much stamps in Austria with snow. There are only a few. I think Austrian post is more in love with art and architecture than nature. That is a pity.

    1. I have got few Austrian stamps, but, in general, I find them very beautiful.

      I use not to like snow, but I like it more and more (maybe because I haven't a lot of opportunities of see it...).

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. I think snow is beautiful to see, but in real life it causes uncomfortable situations. Some weeks ago we had snow which lasted for four days (it melted away long before christmas) and on the first day our country was totally lost: trains didn't ride well, and in the evening buses didn't drive at all, airplane flights were canceled. On the second day our country became adapted, roads and railways were made snow-free.
      But then, during days at the 'border' of freezing (temperatures above zero in daytime and below zero at night) the snow becomes either wet and dirty or dangerous icy slippery.
      So I like snow only when it has been fresh fallen while I have holidays and don't need to go outside in time :-)

      By the way, Austria has unexpected cartoon/comics stamps (one of my favourite themes), to my surprise I received a Sponge Bob stamp last year! (still hoping that this - not-Austrian! - character's pet snail Gary is issued, too, and if so, that I would receive it one day :-) )

    3. On the contrary, the Winter seems that hasn't arrived yet, here...


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