17 January 2018

Really Bad Mail Art?

So the sender, Jimmy (Germany) says on the back (??).


  1. Haha, great rubberstamp!
    And at least it is foid for thought for us, receivers, about the sender. Is he perfectionist? Fishing for compliments? Does he hate his own art? Is he sarcastic? Is it a good amount of self-reflection? Is it...? Or is it just as it is?


    1. *food for thought, I mean :-)

    2. Yes, it makes me think. I have thought of the possibilities you mentioned, and I am almost sure that the last one is the right one: it is just as it is.

  2. It made me think about the Museum of Bad Art in Somerville (it's in a movie theater). I visited two exhibitions there, loved the first one, but both were fresh and had interisting pieces.


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