15 January 2018

Three Covers with Lighthouses

Sometimes months pass without receiving any lighthouse. And then, suddenly, these three envelopes arrive the same day*!

Sent by Eva (Germany). Two lighthouses on the stamps: Staberhuk and Moritzburg. Can you notice the maps on the selvedge?

Sent by John (the UK). The five lighthouses shown are, from left to right: St. John's Point (Ireland), The Smalls (Wales), Needles Rocks (Isle of Wight), Bell Rock (Scotland) and Eddystone (England). I like how so many different territories of the British Islands are represented.

These are among my favourite lighthouse stamps, especially because of they showing the geographical situation, and that line at the bottom of each stamp that tell how the light flashes.

It is a reused First Day Cover (I mean that it had been previously sent to another recipient who, hmm... sold it?). Anyway, I'm happy that the postal service postmarked the low side of the envelope, so didn't cover the beautiful first day postmarks. Actually, the second postmark is also sea-related. It commemorates the 100th Anniversary of Merchant Navy Convoys.

And this envelope was gently sent by Ravindra (Sri Lanka). He had told me about one stamp, then he sent three lighthouses!: 

-Queen's Tower in Delft Island. It is believed that this tower was used as a Lighthouse during the Dutch period. This stamp was issued on 12 February 2017;

-Talaimannar Lighthouse on the North Western Coast of Sri Lanka. Also, issued on 12 February 2017;

- And the more recent issue (13 Septembre 2017): Dondra Head Lighthouse, near the southernmost point in Sri Lanka and is the tallest lighthouse in the country.

*Actually, that happened back in November. I take my time to publish, sometimes...


  1. Oh wow, beautiful stamps! (and selvage), and I notice the proverb is true: all good things come in three :-)

  2. Wow, il y en a vraiment beaucoup de timbres avec des phares

    1. Oui... mais cela n'empêche pas que je les adore! :D


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